Herbal Tea

Hardly any other brewed drink offers such a large flavour variety,
as do herbal tea blends. Spicy, flowery, sweetish, sour – even hot – no flavour is missing. No limit is set while enjoying this beverage since it is mostly without caffeine, tannin or acid. Each herb plant already impresses with its taste. There are barely any parallels, even under similar looking plants. Thus the Nana Mint differs from peppermint in its typical “spearmint” note while the eucalyptus gives a rather crisp freshness.
Fresh raw goods from the country of origin, carefully refined in Germany, are of utmost importance to us. Quality and freshness are regularly examined. Thus it is not unusual that we change a very proven and reliable partner, including the country of origin, because another product is fresher, more intense and more authentic. Quality plays an important role especially in the intensive flavour of the herb garden.