Masala Chai: A Flavourful Journey from South Asia to the World

Photo 172724306 | Masala Chai © Oksanabratanova |
Photo 172724306 | Masala Chai © Oksanabratanova |

Originating from the Chinese word “cha” and adopted through the Hindi “chai,” masala chai, or simply chai, has transcended borders to become a beloved beverage worldwide. This spiced tea, although named after tea itself in its native language, is a captivating fusion of flavours and cultures.

At its core, masala chai is a blend of robust black tea, often CTC tea, simmered in a harmonious combination of milk and water, with just the right touch of sweetness from sugar. What truly elevates masala chai, however, are the aromatic herbs and spices lovingly infused into the brew. These fragrant additions transform a simple cup of tea into a symphony of flavours.

Beyond its South Asian roots, masala chai has found a global fanbase, gracing the menus of coffee and tea houses around the world. Some establishments label it as a “chai latte” or “chai tea latte” to signify its creation process, where steamed milk melds gracefully with a spiced tea concentrate. The result is akin to the velvety richness of a traditional caffè latte, but with the enchanting allure of masala chai’s spices, creating a truly unique and comforting beverage experience.