Ceylon Selection

Ceylon Tea: Elegance from Varied Elevations

Ceylon Tea from Hopscotch

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) tea, renowned for its distinct character, offers a delightful spectrum of flavours rooted in its diverse geography. From the rugged UVA-District in the southeast, which yields a pleasantly robust tea, to the golden, delectable brews of the Western Dimbula-District, and finally, the highly aromatic, golden-hued teas from the lofty mountains surrounding Nuwara Eliya, some of which reach dizzying altitudes of up to 2,000 meters, Ceylon tea is a testament to the artistry of nature.

The strength and depth of Ceylon teas are influenced by their growing regions. Generally, the teas from lower-lying areas tend to be bolder and darker in character, while those from higher altitudes exude an exceptional finesse and aromatic quality.

Ceylon teas have long held their place in the hearts of tea enthusiasts, particularly in Eastern Europe and the near and Middle East. This affinity traces its roots to the lasting impact of English colonization, which significantly shaped Ceylon’s cultural and economic evolution.

What makes Ceylon tea even more captivating is the diversity of its terroirs, each yielding a unique expression of flavour. By considering not only the regions but also the altitudes at which these teas are cultivated, we gain a deeper appreciation for the exquisite range of Ceylon tea:

  • Low grown: Spanning from sea level to 550 meters, these teas boast a bold and robust character.
  • Medium grown: Thriving between 550 and 1,050 meters, these teas strike a harmonious balance of strength and complexity.
  • High grown: Flourishing at altitudes from 1,050 to an astonishing 2,250 meters, these teas exhibit unparalleled finesse, aroma, and a golden hue that sets them apart.

Ceylon tea, with its rich history and diverse terroirs, invites tea connoisseurs on an enchanting journey through the varied landscapes and elevations of Sri Lanka, delivering an elegant and nuanced tea experience that transcends borders.