Preserving the Essence of Lapsang Souchong: A Tale of Tradition and Crisis

Wuyi Mountains

In a recent piece, British broadcaster and columnist Adrian Chiles shared his quest for one of his cherished teas: the robust and distinctive Lapsang Souchong. Struggling to find it on store shelves, Chiles was gifted a box of Twining’s “Distinctively Smoky” teabags, a claimed homage to the traditional brew. Yet, the imitation fell short, leaving … Read more

Orthodox Tea Production

Orthodox Tea Production

Tea production involves three main steps: withering, rolling, and fermentation. Withering, which takes 12-18 hours, reduces leaf humidity by about 50% and prepares them for rolling. The rolling step breaks cells, letting cell fluid contact oxygen, initiating fermentation. Fermentation depends on perfect conditions and monitoring as it dictates tea quality. Enzymes develop taste profiles and change leaf color during this 2-3 hours long process.

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The Grades of Tea

Tasting grades of tea

Differentiation According to Leaf Sizes Generally it is differentiated between leaf teas and broken teas. The small-leafed broken teas, which are cut during the repeated rolling, are naturally very high yielding. The names of the grades of tea are often very imaginative and vary even from plantation to plantation. They are always an expression referring … Read more

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The Tea Harvest

Processing As opposed to coffee, which is imported as green coffee and receives its final form in the country of consumption via sorting and roasting, tea is already processed on the plantations in the country of orgin and then exported in its final form. The most important phases of the treatment with respect to orthodox … Read more

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The Tea shrub

The Tea Shrub

Tea, a tree-like plant, is maintained shrub -like for the tea cultivation by regular pruning. Tea belongs to the species of the camellia. The evergreen shrub has got dark, ridged, leather-like leaves. The flower is white or rose-coloured; the fruit is small with a hard shell, similar to a hazelnut. Nowadays, its reproduction is rarely … Read more

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The Tea Plant

Thea sinensis (or Chinese Tea) This plant remains shrub-like even without regular cutting and grows to a maximum height of 3 to 4 meters. It is especially suitable for medium climatic zones and even tolerates frost. The China-tea plant has been cultivated for many thousand years which resulted in an art variety of approximately 5,000, … Read more

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History of the Barnet Squeeze

Barnet Squeeze

Outside the shop you would be standing in the old Great North Road at a section once known as The Squeeze, which used to be longer when there were shops forming an island in the middle of the road in front of the college. These shops were called Middle Row and were the original location … Read more

Top 10 Teas

Here is the countdown of our Top 10 Teas as sold by weight over the last six months. There’s something for everyone here, but the outright the winner has pleasantly surprised us! 10 – GREEN SENCHA SAKURA Sencha Sakura is one of Japan’s most popular teas, and also Barnet’s. Historically enjoyed by Aristocrats, Townspeople, and … Read more