Ya Bo – Yunnan Silver Bud



Ya Bo – Yunnan Silver Bud is an exceptional quality tea from the Jingmai region of the Yunnan plains, at an altitude of 1,500m.

The buds are picked in early March from the wild growing tea shrubs. The tips are dried in the sun after plucking and depending on climatic conditions, their colour can change between cream-white and moss green. Sometimes called “white pu-erh” because of the long ageing or storage time. It has a unique flowery aroma and the taste is a very delicate mellow earthy floral flavour with a hint of honey.

Brew with freshly drawn boiled water that has cooled for two minutes, for 3-4 minutes. Spring water is best. This tea enjoys multiple steepings, simply add 10-20 seconds to each new steep. This rare tea is often used in the Gongfu tea ceremony.

Ingredients: White tea. Produce of China.


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