Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope 2nd Flush TGFOP1



Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope This 2nd flush tea produces a sparkling, aromatic liquor with a full amber cup. The bouquet is fragrant and spicy with notes of muscatel.

Formerly known as Bara Ringtong, Margaret’s Hope gets its name from Margaret, the daughter of the garden manager Mr. Cruikshank.  Margaret loved the garden and promised to return to it from England. But she died of a tropical disease on the way back and her hope remained unfulfilled. Hence the garden was rechristened as Margaret’s Hope.

This is one of the most romantic gardens in Darjeeling and it is listed amongst the top of all the Estates, with a loyal following worldwide. The  garden has romantic views of the Himalayas. Two rivers flow through the garden and on most days, mist covers the emerald blanket of tea  plants,

Brewing instructions: Brew with freshly drawn boiled water for 3-5 minutes.

Ingredients: Black tea. Produce of India.

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