Darjeeling – Quality 1st Flush Marybong FTGFOP1



The Marybong Tea Estate is situated in the misty East Valley in the foothills of the Himalayas, just 12km away from Ghoom  station, the 2nd highest railway station in the world! This small garden produces top quality Organic tea at an altitude of between 1,200-1,970m.

This is a well-balanced, aromatically sweet first-flush plucking with a certain “body” and some strength, with the exquisite muscatel character and flowery aroma of good Darjeeling. The leaves are fine, dark with green parts and bright tips. The cup’s colour is the typical light copper of a tea of the late first flush period.

The Darjeeling – Quality 1st Flush Marybong FTGFOP1 is a superior tea from the renowned Darjeeling region. Known for its exceptional quality, this tea is carefully handpicked during the first flush, resulting in a remarkable flavour profile. With its delicate and floral notes, this tea embodies the essence of Darjeeling teas. The Marybong estate, where this tea is cultivated, follows strict quality standards to ensure that only the finest leaves are selected. Experience the true essence of Darjeeling with the exquisite Darjeeling – Quality 1st Flush Marybong FTGFOP1.

Brew with freshly drawn boiled water for 2-4 minutes.

Ingredients: black tea (India) Organic DE ÖKO-003.

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