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Matcha Taishan Organic



Organic Chinese Matcha Taishan, cultivated on the Taishan Tea Plantation located in the north-western part Zhejiang Province, opposite southern Japan.

Just how it is done with high quality Gyokuros, the selected tea shrubs are kept in the shade for some time before plucking in order to increase their chlorophyll content.

Compared to the Japanese production, this fair-coloured, reed-green and finely powdered Matcha offers a rather robust character with lots of volume and the authentic acerbity of typical green teas. The bowl turns moss green in colour, with a strong and fresh bouquet as well as a slight tartness in the aftertaste.

High in antioxidants.

To brew, pour freshly drawn boiled water that has cooled for 2 minutes onto the matcha. Stir or whisk until the matcha has dissolved into the water, and there is a fine froth on top of the bowl.

Ingredients: stone ground organic (DE ÖKO-003) green tea . Produce of China.

Taishan Tea Plantation
Taishan Tea Plantation

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