China green Lung Chin Dragon Well



Experience the exceptional allure of China Green Lung Chin Dragon Well, renowned as one of the finest teas to grace the landscapes of China. Harvested and crafted in the picturesque Zhejiang Province of Eastern China, this tea stands as a testament to the artistry that unfolds in each meticulously produced leaf.

Elevating the tea-drinking experience, the leaves unfurl to reveal a panorama of large, broad, and captivatingly dark green foliage. As the leaves gracefully infuse, they give rise to a liquor that transcends expectations—a radiant brightness coupled with a captivatingly sweet, almost fruity character that dances on the palate.

Immerse yourself in the delicate nuances of this distinguished brew, where the subtleties of flavour are a testament to the craftsmanship embedded in each leaf. China Green Lung Chin Dragon Well is not just a tea; it’s a journey into the heart of Chinese tea-making mastery, a sip that captures the essence of the lush landscapes and centuries-old traditions that define this extraordinary tea.

Brew with freshly drawn boiled water, cooled for 2 minutes, for 3-5 or to taste. Best made with soft water, tap or bottle .

Ingredients: green tea (China)

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