Monkey Picked Oolong


Monkey Picked Oolong is a top quality Oolong tea manufactured in the Fujian Province of China. This tea is supposedly named after the famed monkeys who picked tea for their owners.

There are two contrasting stories here; the first tells of very clever monkeys trained to climb the highest tea trees in China and to break off the best tea branches to use.

The second tells a slightly different story of sending monkeys, attached to chains, up trees and then throwing sticks at them to encourage them to break off other branches and throw them back down.

In either case, current manufacture would only involve humans and wild tea trees to produce what is still one of the finest Oolong teas from China. Perhaps the term monkey-picked tea was more of a way to say that the tea comes from a place that’s hard to reach. So out of reach that it would take monkey-like skills to pluck it.

Brewing Instructions: Brew with freshly drawn boiled water, cooled for 2 minutes for 3 – 5 minutes.

Ingredients: Oolong tea. Produce of China.

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