Sea Of Clouds Jasmine Tea



Sea Of Clouds Jasmine Tea – Huang Shan Ya

This Jasmine tea is superior in that the leaves are infused with the scent of Jasmine flowers rather than just having flowers added to the tea.

It is called Sea of Clouds as it is created using the green tea leaves from the Huangshan mountains in the Anhui Province, which are harvested at between 1,000 and 1,800m, where the mountain tops often offer views of the clouds from above, which resemble an ocean.

The tea leaves undergo a unique processing method where they are lightly steamed and gently infused with the scent of Jasmine flowers which are layered with the tea leaves for some hours until the fragrance is absorbed into the leaf.

A rich lemony liquor with a light Jasmine scent. An excellent aid to after dinner digestion.

Brew with freshly drawn boiled water, cooled for 2 minutes, for 3-5 minutes. Best served without milk or lemon.

Ingredients: green tea, Jasmine flowers. Produce of China.

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