Dong Ding Formosa Oolong



Dong Ding Formosa Oolong (aka Tung Ting, or Dung Ting) is a superb specialty tea grown in the Bamboo Mountain region of Nantou County in Taiwan. This  Dong Ding is one of the finest available.

The leaf is green and rolled, similar in appearance to Chinese Tie Kuan Yin style Oolongs, though a little larger and with more leaf.

The tea is light and bright with fine yellow liquor. The flavour is light, buttery, sweet and smooth, without the vegetal undertones of a green tea.

Brew for 2 – 3 minutes with freshly drawn water just off boiling (80 – 90 degrees). Re-steep up to 7  times.

Ingredients: Oolong tea. Produce of Taiwan.

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