Yunnan Pu-Erh



Centuries ago, this Yunnan Pu-Erh black tea from south-western China was reserved for the privileged Chinese. It has an earthy, malty flavour with a fine golden liquor.

Aged black tea from the Yunnan province in China. Our Pu Erh Tea is a “shou cha” Pu-Erh tea, which means “Ripe – Pu Erh”.

It is produced as a “Mao Cha” (Base Tea for Pu Erh) tea and slightly fermented. The fermentation is not fully finished, the tea is still fermenting during the ripening process. After the “Mao Cha” is fermented, for the ripening process they give a mixture of yeasts, bacteria and  microbiological organisms to fasten the ripening process. Total time of ripening for our Pu-Erh is around 6 months, depending on climate.

This tea has a rich and dark flavour, and a dark liquor.

Ingredients: Black tea. Produce of China.

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